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Here are some great starting-points for exploring the World-Wide Web. These sites offer well-thought-out arrangements by topic or subject, with access to thousands of places on the Web. These sites are collected and placed in each catalog by people (as opposed to the electronic "robot" programs which create the indexes for Search Engines.)

Argus Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Guides
A very selective collection of digital guides created by U. of M. Library Science students and professional librarians, arranged by topic:
The Awesome List
Actually two very discerning collections of interesting sites.
EINet Galaxy
Offers a browsable subject catalog combined with a keyword-searchable index
List of Internet Resources
An interesting collection by a Canadian researcher.
Librarians' Index to the Internet
A very high-quality, selective catalog of over 40 subject areas.
A good selection of links. You can also "personalize" the Favorites section.
A tremendous collection of resources, nicely arranged to fit almost completely on a single screen.
Yahoo--One of the Best!
An immense subject catalog divided into 14 top-level categories and hundreds of subcategories, with short annotations.

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